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Support for Europe

Please added Support for Europe


Would like to see Canada. I like this apps.

RadarScope is awesome!

Love this app! As a Canadian and a member of the Spotter Network, it will come in handy during major weather events. I appreciate the addition of Canadian locations, thanks very much :)

Disappointed weatherman

Radar loops are very old (16 mins) & the graphics are really bad, not what I expected for paying $6 for

Great app

Title says it all it is a great app


Would like to see ottawa radar loops will come in handy major weather stone or. Canada ??:-()

Poor for Canadas

Waist of money if you live in Canada!!!!!

Old Tree climber

Somewhat sophisticated but localized good for what it does!!!

USA only - not worth $10

Not intuitive. Some weather apps have better radar maps (Weatherbug & AccuWeather). RadarScope is for USA only. The developer responded to my email right away: "Possibly Canada at some point in the future. We dont currently have data for any other countries."

This software keeps me safe.

With RadarScope, I am able to track the storms that Im chasing, and know their movement, especially with the allisonhouse integration. I have this and GRlevel3. RadarScope is one of the best out there!

A great tracking app

This app is very awesome for those in to watching the weather. Built-in dual-pol is a major plus against GRLevel. Most of the NEXRAD stations near the border should provide some coverage for Canadians, but natively supporting ECs radars as well as NOAAs would be a plus.

No data in Canada

The app in great if you are in United Stade but no good for Canada (or the rest of the world.)

The Best

Unparalleled American coverage (with lots of spillover into Canadian border regions). Canadian radar sites added in the latest update, along with iOS 7 support. The only one you need.


Excellent, once I deleted it and reloaded, it works great. Very useful App.

Best Canadian radar app.

Awesome Canadian support. This is the radar app to own if youre into following severe weather in Canada.

More Canadian Support Please!

The radar is awesome but it lost 2 stars because the Canadian Warnings are not shown and the Cell Tracker wont work with Canadian Radar Sites. If these things are fixed then it will gain back the 2 stars.

Great App

I use this all the time! Comes in handy a lot!

Great App but new UI isnt great

New UI takes up valuable screen space even in full screen mode with the right hand panel bar. There should be a way to hide or auto hide this bar to keep the radar full screen when theres no need for control options. Cant say I like this version over the old. The dual radar display is great but suffers under the new cluttered UI.

The best weather radar app by far

Includes raw high resolution Canadian doppler radar data, a must for tracking storms seriously in Canada, and this is the only app that has it. One of the highest quality apps of any category, and the developers are top notch. They provide full support, and are actively developing future improvements.

No help

Purchased the pro version and didnt get the pro features. Contacted support and sent all info they asked for and still nothing. Sounds like they making excuses. No refund and wont fix my app problem.

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