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Missing tilt options

Sometimes radar tilt options will be there, sometimes they wont.


Great app! I live in Florida and work outside. I use radarscope nearly everyday to track storm fronts. Radarscope costs more than what a person would usually pay for an app, but its worth the money. Remember, you get what you pay for!

Dont be scared of price

All the other radar apps use whats called "smoothed over" radar scans, RadarScope does not, which means its 100% spot on. They also offer many types of radar. Velocity (to find tornadic rotation), echo tops to see storm heights, correlation coefficient which can be used to see hail, etc. Plus it shows lightning strikes, which Ill see a flash and 1 min later the bolts exact location will show up. They also integrate storm spotter locations so I can view all storm spotters in the country. Their newest feature is my favorite, which allows split screen radar. I mean seriously, this app should be leading in the App Store by a mile. Theres a reason all the professionals have this on their phone.


If you are a Meteorologist or a Weather Enthusiast, this app is PERFECT for you!

If I could give radar scope 6 stars I would

I have used this app since it first came out but unfortunately never wrote a review. This app pretty much speaks for itself. You either know what all the options are or you dont. This app is for serious weather geeks and is not for a casual person looking to see if it is going to rain tomorrow. If you are serious about weather, know how to read radar data and dont have this app yet, what are you waiting for? Best $10 ever spent in the app store, PERIOD.

The best, most accurate radar app!

RadarScope is by far the best and most accurate radar app on the market. Been a user for many years now. Shows unfiltered radar data direct from the source. No blending, smoothing, or alterations. If you are a weather enthusiast it is a must have. Down to the second live radar images coupled with numerous other feeds such as velocity and vertically integrated liquid. This app allows you to see inside the storm to see if there is any hail or rotation that would warrant a tornado warning. Some may be hesitant to purchase because of the price but its cheaper than a nice 12 pack of beer! The pro subscription is absolutely worth the price in order to see up to 20 frames, lightning, and split screen between two sets of data. Keep up the good work guys! You have saved my behind many times at work, on the trail, and in the yard!

my go to app

love this app. im a bit concerned about summer weather living in Florida. this app gives me all i need to know in an EASY and ACCURATE way. cannot say enough on how reliable and simple this is. hats off to the developers!

Best radar u can get, worth price

6-20-16 update: super geeky radar, but this stuff is all necessary as a pilot and a storm chaser for making safe decisions. I cant tell you how many times Ive been right because of this app. I always used websites free radars, mostly noaa and wunderground, but I never knew what I was missing. This detail is the best you can find easily. Nowadays all radars (this being the exception) are modified for laymen because who would ever want to discern ground clutter from actual reflectivity (scoff), and while were at it lets limit to 5 colours, shave off edges for smoothing even if its actual rain, and limit to 10 frames because no one needs to see more than an hour in the past to figure out a track or just out of curiosity. All the public needs is a green glob that moves a few frames to be satisfied, right? And thats the bs weve had to put up with until radarscope. Big shot corporations making our decisions thinking for us. But this app shows the naked images in unprecedented detail, detail that was censored from us all along. Be enlightened folks. You will never go back. I reluctantly got the subscription but I cant believe I ever doubted this. Completely worth it too. The realtime lightning is amazing, as you zoom into a storm the detail increases, its like it gets every cloud to ground strike. But if you arent that into weather or have a need for accuracy, detail or reality, stick with the weather channel, weather underground, accuweather, intellicast, and even noaa dumbs it down somewhat in comparison. Now Im back in charge of my radar and proud of it. 3-23-16 update: the split screen is very pragmatic and frankly genius, we are new best friends already. I love how complex yet easy to use this app is! Very intuitive. Funny bc other apps, weather underground for one, are much more difficult to use overall yet have far, far less radar options! 6-3-15: its a little slow to respond after I tap radar site select. But love the new features and locations of all icons.

Great radar

I have been using this app for tornado prediction and I could not be happier. The app functions flawlessly and is unbeatable for the price.

Best Radar Data Tool In the Market!

RadarScope gets even better with each release! Its the best weather radar tool in the App Store!

Excellent. Best of class.

The latest update is a wonder for mets, chasers, and armchair folks. Unparalleled support to boot. If you are mobile, this is the app for you.

Best app for storm chasers/meteorologists

Its a great app. Has all the radar products. Pleased they added Canadian and Korea radars. Keep up the great work WDT.

Radar scope quit working and can not reload. No way to contact anyone.

Radar scope quit working and can not reload it. No one to contact about fixing this problem. Any one with information please contact us.

An Awesome App

I recently used this app on a July road trip from Georgia to Arizona. It came in very handy also very accurate with the lightning strikes. I want to mention that technical support addressed a technical problem that I had within a matter of hours just recently. This is my "go to" weather app because it is so reliable. Worth the money and that includes the pro version.

Good app

Its a good app, but they need to bring the radar sweep back, or youre just guessing on the range of the radar

Continues To Remain #1 Doppler Radar App

RadarScope continues to be the number one mobile app for Doppler Radar. Other radar sources may provide fancy layering but if you are looking for access to the highest resolution radar data available publicly (Level 2), you need this app. Ive been a user for 4+ years and WDT continues to update and add innovative features never before seen on a mobile/tablet device. Upload GIF or Video animations to Twitter or save locally for import into any other application that accepts GIF or Video files. The severe thunderstorm, tornado, and flash flood polygons are updated faster than any other app I have used. You can click on a warning and get the detailed statement from the NWS. If you are a professional, enthusiast, public official, decision maker, event planner, or even the public, RadarScope has a purpose for your device. Its the only application I visit daily (other than my alarm clock).

Dont change things which we the users are used to!

This is by far the BEST RADAR app there is... So dont change things were used to... Whose big idea was it to move the elapsed time from the top center to the bottom right? I dont even bother using this app after that screwed up my viewing. Now, was that NECESSARY? NO... please change it back or give us the option where it can be displayed. Thank you.


The RADAR is great but the little things are gone now. Font on the maps for RADARs is ugly now. RADAR sweeps are gone. I know - they werent realtime and were really useless but there was this cool-factor... Also, the roads on the maps have been set back about 10 years. Highways in my area that are new have disappeared off the new updates maps. Liked the prior version a lot better.

Awesome!!! Best Radar App Out There!!!

Best radar app out there. Worth the money, worth the pro subscription. Suggestion: Would like a feature whereby I could setup push notifications of storms within a certain milage if my location or radar. Not necessarily warnings but any weather incoming. Would like to make it so I dont have to check the radar every so often.

When your life depends on radar, this is it!

Update: Nothing compares. Had a batch of tornados here in the Midwest and this was spot on. Im a weather app junkie with many apps purchased. This is a professional grade app that continues to improve. If you need to know where a storm really is there is no other app I use. The recently added storm tracks is a great addition. Use the Vertically Integrated Liquid radar to gauge a cell intensity. In general this app taught me a lot on how to use and judge other radar tools/apps. Update: New version looks solid and the best radar app, period!

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